Improving Emissions Control
Improving Emissions Control
Twinning Partners

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Beneficiary and final recipient of the action: Ministry of Environment and Urbanisation

Main responsible authority for environmental issues, Ministry of Environment and Urbanisation consists of 8 general directorates. DG of Environmental Management consists of 7 departments. Improving Emissions Control Project coordinator Air Management Department consists of 4 divisions. These are; Division of air pollution control, Division of air quality assesment, Division of Noise and vibration control, Division of Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control (IPPC)

BC Project Leader:
Muhammet ECEL, Deputy Director-General of Environment Management

BC RTA Counterpart:
Ercan GÜLAY, Head of Climate Change and Air Management Department

Member State Project Partner: Umweltbundesamt (Environment Agency Austria)

Umweltbundesamt is the leading Austrian expert organisation for all environmental issues and media. Umweltbundesamt experts work in four programmes: Data & Diagnosis, Substances & Analysis, Economy & Impact and Nature & Usages. In these areas they develop perspectives for the sustainable development of society in Austria and Europe. At international level, Umweltbundesamt acts as partner and in an advisory capacity for international organisations. With country partnerships– so-called Twinning projects – Umweltbundesamt assists authorities in Central and Eastern Europe, in the field of important environmental issues, in setting up administration and implementing EU legislation, with the financial means being provided by the EU.

MS Project Leader:
DI Manfred RITTER, Head of Unit
Umweltbundesamt (Environment Agency Austria)

Junior Member State Project Partner: SYKE

The Finnish Environment Institute (also known as SYKE, after the Institute's Finnish acronym) is both a research institute, and a centre for environmental expertise. SYKE's research focuses on changes in the environment, and seeks ways to control these changes. Our expertise is based on long-term environmental monitoring, wide-ranging research results, and the Institute's highly-qualified staff.
SYKE's expert services can provide vital expert assistance on a wide-range of environmental issues for administrators, local authorities, industries, firms and other organisations. We can produce detailed environmental assessments drawing on expertise from many fields.

Junior Partner:
Kimmo SILVO, Head of Unit
SYKE (Finnish Environment Institute)